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3rd Enfield Boys' Brigade (6)
9th Enfield Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Rangers (4)
Dr Paul Ashitey (7)
Rev David Atkinson (88)
Rev Bert Baker (5)
Rev Agatha Baptiste (4)
Mr Tom Boorman (5)
Ms Linda Clarke (4)
Miss Sylvia Coombs (6)
Rev Olive Cope (1)
Mrs Pamela Fisher (1)
Miss Evodian Fonyonga (10)
Mr Stephen Gilburt (5)
Mrs Christine Hall (1)
Mrs Elizabeth Hitch (1)
Mrs Michaela Lawrence (8)
Rev Martin Legg (9)
Miss Barbara Leighton (3)
Mrs Pamela Mansley (6)
Pastor Sunder Manuelraj (1)
Mr Chris Marlow (2)
Mrs Laura Marlow (6)
Mr Barry Miles (2)
Mr Les Moody (8)
Mrs Jill Nugent (17)
Rev Dr Andrew Prasad (1)
Mr Terry Silvey (34)
Mr Ron Smith (1)
Mr John Stynes (25)
Mr Martin Wells (27)
Rev Henriette Wentink (32)
The Worship Group (85)

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